The many ministry trips I made to Uganda, East Africa were life-changing. I am so grateful to God for my Ugandan Christian friends: Pastor Paul Mwesigwa, Lydia, and their family, for Justine Mutegeki and her family, and for Pastor Robert Sebunya Mpagi, for showing me another world, where I could make a difference, even just on a small scale. I got to share the Gospel so many times. The trips were very full with music ministry - such a blessing, because music transcends so many barriers (language, culture, etc). They might not understand all my words, but they understand music!

In the city of Kampala: visiting many schools and churches, doing (city) radio ministry (about a million listeners), visiting prisons and a youth-detention facility, visiting orphanages and a handicapped children's school - lots of music!  Each place has a story all it's own!

In the remote regions of Uganda, and Kabaale village: building schools, visiting churches, drilling water wells, sharing with the children, visiting with the villagers and giving out supplies (soap, salt, Bibles, blankets, etc), holding Bible studies and learning about the struggles of the families, baptisms in a remote river, and conference meetings with Ugandan pastors and their wives.

In the even more remote villages beyond Kabaale: sharing music and testimonies on "Radio Equator" (over 2 million listeners across Tanzania, Congo, and Kenya), showing the Jesus film (in the Lugandan language) many times in different villages (seeing people RUN to receive Christ afterwards), and doing my "Sole Salvation" ministry!  I could write 100 books!  God's Kingdom work is amazing!

Uganda, East Africa  "Sole Salvation"

"Sole Salvation" is a foot ministry I did (my son, Tyler, thought up the name) using my CNA training to care for people's bare feet and legs (most all villagers and children are barefoot).      I am almost sure that the villages we visited were not even on a map!  I treated all kinds of cuts, gashes, rashes, chiggers, peeling skin, callouses etc. with first aid, Vaseline, and moisturizer. The whole time I was treating their feet (men and women), I was sharing the Gospel with them (Justine was interpreting for me), and telling them why I had come. When a white person visits a village and works on feet, the WHOLE village comes out to watch! So they all got to hear the Gospel message. Finishing up, I would bring out all the bright-colored nail polish I had, then let them choose the color, and finish up with a polish (and an invitation to know Christ) and much laughter!  It was incredible!  I saw people get saved, by God using a bottle of nail polish!  Many people started coming to church.  We were riding 3-up on a motorbike (a "boda-boda") from village to village, carrying my supplies on my lap, side saddle - through coffee bush groves, across streams, and along goat paths and foot paths - there were no roads. I didn't know it at the time, but God was preparing me for another kind of motorcycle ministry.  (My husband, Herb, has been in an international Christian motorcycle ministry for over a decade now). "Sole Salvation" was a great highlight of my ministry in Uganda. I got to see and experience things that many white people never get to see. God is so good!

Photos from Uganda  (click on an image to open slide show)