After the 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti, God opened a door for me in Haiti (Port Au Prince, Lamarre, and DesChapelles) to work with a Haitian children's choir that comes to the USA each year to tour. They perform some of my songs (set to a Caribbean rhythm!) singing in English and French Creole, and dancing.  I was so very blessed to be part of the choir auditions, selection, and music training of these beautiful children. I got to travel to see where they live, meet their parents, visit their churches, and get to know them. The poverty in Haiti is truly overwhelming - like nothing I have ever seen. They are such incredibly beautiful and gifted children, spreading the hope of Jesus in songs and dance!

I am indebted to my amazing friends Pastor Jacques Franc, Francesse, and their family, and to Pastor ("Wawa") Jean Baptiste and his family, Pastor Obias and his family, and other friends and chaperones, for all their care and friendship over the years to secure our comfort and safety with joy and sweet fellowship.

Haiti Visit  -  November 2014

Visit of March 2013

Visit of May 2012